Volterex Booster Percussion Massage Gun

$129.99 $399.99
Volterex Booster Percussion Massage Gun

Volterex Booster Percussion Massage Gun

$129.99 $399.99
Product description


Powerful high-torque motor featuring Quite Gliding Technology that delivers a perfect combination of power, performance and sustainability for a customized massage experience for maximum results in minimum time.


The Volterex was built to reinvent the massage experience, giving everyone the ability to Move Better. Featuring our lightweight durable ergonomic design so you can take the comfort of relaxation on-the-go.


Equipped with an upgraded lithium battery that can continuously run for up to 6-8 hours per charge giving it extra life compared to other devices for a more stable and efficient output.

Targeted Massage

The Volterex Booster lightweight vibrating massage gun device has a full body reach with a 90° degree adjustable arm. You’ll be able to target every inch of your muscles and enjoy a rejuvenating deep tissue massage.

Advanced Technology

Easily adjust the intensity of the massage at any time with the multi frequency 4-speed vibration control designed to send waves of relaxation and relief throughout your whole body.

Percussion Therapy

Advanced vibrational healing & powerful pain relief. Helps relieve muscle spasms and stiffness which enhances athletic performance and stimulation for a deep tissue rapid recovery.

Interchangeable Head

Seamlessly change head attachments and adjust speeds for a customized massage experience the Volterex Applicator Set gives you everything you need for a full body recovery.

Designed by rocket engineers

Expertly crafted high-precision 24V brushless motors delivers a speed force of 3200 percussions per minute. It's the perfect way to naturally heal and replenish your aching muscles.

Whats Included

- Volterex Massage Gun

- 17 Piece Attachment

- Wall Charger

- 2x Massage Balls